Corporate Info

We Deliver Cost Effective and Mutually Beneficial
Affiliate Marketing Solutions.

Driving Performance, Effectively and Efficiently.

iSYNERGY was founded in 2008, and has grown to become one
of the region’s leading affiliate marketing network and solutions
provider. iSYNERGY connects advertisers with affiliates, via its
affiliate marketing platform, to deliver performance-based affiliate
marketing solutions that enhance product/brand awareness and
drive business leads. The affiliate marketing platform is called
Affiliate Junction and it is home to more than 30,000 affiliates and
3,000 advertisers. It's proprietary programme, MSS, is a retail
loyalty program with over 3,000,000 members that rewards cashback
(in the form of Cash Point), Reward Point and other privileges
for transactions with participating offline and online merchants
(advertisers). There are also other affiliate programs for different
business segments and markets offered under the platform.



To deliver optimal results for all stakeholders
through the generation of a high performing affiliate
marketing ecosystem.


The foundation of our business practices; fostering
vital relationships with our partners, clients, and
associates with the concept of a mutually
beneficial synergy in mind.


Striving for excellence is a continuous and
ongoing process for us in which we are proactively
committed to consistently achieve.


The long term relationships we build are crucially
significant to us, we resolutely enforce integrity in
all our operations and openness in communication
with all of our stakeholders.


Our marketing solutions are developed from the
ground up to simulate growth for local small and
medium-sized enterprises while simultaneously
taking into consideration the consumers’ interests
and well-being.