Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

iSYNERGY provides affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers, merchants, retailers and consumers to enable them to leverage cost-effective and performance-based marketing channels and strategies. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model, in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing effort. It is a highly cost-effective marketing strategy as it is purely performance based – businesses (merchants) pay only when there are results from this marketing method. The return on investment is highly positive compared to other conventional A&P channels (where advertisers usually pay fixed cost to reach out to specific audience, without guaranteed results from the reach out).

iSYNERGY anchor affiliate customer loyalty program in Malaysia, MY Smart Shopper (MSS), is designed to leverage Malaysian’s identification card in promoting local retail industry. Any registered cardholders or program members those referred by affiliates can enjoy retail privileges at any participating merchant outlet by using their MyKad. The referral retail customer loyalty program Malaysia ecosystem is where all parties - merchants, affiliates and users - gain benefits from this program. This proprietary loyalty and reward program also covers the facilitation of tracking and monitoring as well as the pay-out of commission for participating merchants and affiliates.

Owing to the integration of MyKad as the program ID, MSS has officially been recognized as the 50th function for MyKad. Affiliates keep the cycle of MSS’s affiliate marketing in motion, referring customers to spend on various brands and Merchants. The aim of this affiliate customer loyalty program is to maximise the sales potential for merchants and in return generate passive income for affiliates for their referral efforts. By leveraging on MyKad, Malaysian gained the access to the program’s benefits by using their own MyKad as long as they become a member of MSS.

MY Smart Shopper offer advertisers a wealth of benefits with the ultimate end results being desired sale or lead. Through the network, advertisers are provided with access to high-value customers through the targeting efforts to the affiliates. They are able to reduce the risk of media spend as they only pay for the desired result (a sale or lead) as part of the performance marketing model.

The platform affords for straight forwards implementation of a campaign and can offer advertisers valuable insights into consumer purchasing behaviour to inform future campaign decision. The return of investment deliver through performance marketing enables advertisers to reinvest into other customer acquisition methods and, in turn increase their marketing sales capacity and results.